Welcome to The Gym Roo.

I have two goals- to save you time in guiding you to your health and fitness goals, and to take down the mainstream fitness industry.
I want to help you learn to love creating a better performing and better looking body, while at the same time dispelling any “stretched truths” that may have been fed to you by the mainstream media.


One Secret to Creating an Elite Athlete

The world’s elite athletes are being held back, and it’s by the naivete of the public.

Getting to the Gym is Hard

 To add to the Lao Tzu theme, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
No one has time for the gym, and frankly, most of those people don’t really care enough about their personal wellbeing based on that behavior.

How Chicken and Rice Guys Relates to the Average Gym Goer

Have you fallen into my “Chicken and Rice” mindset when it comes to working out? It happened to everyone before, but snap out of it and get yourself some help!

Why Does Everybody Want to be a Loser?

From casual observations, I’ve noticed that no one wants to win these days. It’s a world full of wanna be losers.