Welcome to The Gym Roo.

I have two goals- to save you time in guiding you to your health and fitness goals, and to take down the mainstream fitness industry.
I want to help you learn to love creating a better performing and better looking body, while at the same time dispelling any “stretched truths” that may have been fed to you by the mainstream media.


Stop Making Excuses and Make Your Life Better!

Don’t have time for the gym? Find out what my clients have to say about that!

Why You Don't Need Oly Shoes!

It seems like more and more people are getting them, and they do look cool, but “squatting shoes” will probably do you more harm than good!

Good Carbs and Gluten Free Diets

What do Sriracha, green tea, and coconut products all have in common? Mass media marketing. They’ve been around forever, and people who had a use for them used them. What’s the difference between that and a certain type of diet?

One Secret to Creating an Elite Athlete

The world’s elite athletes are being held back, and it’s by the naivete of the public.